Dog Grooming and Pet Supplies Plympton

We are passionate about giving pets and pooches the very best levels of care, which is why you should visit us for dog washing, grooming and pet supplies in Plympton. Our business was born out of our love for our Golden Doodles and Golden Retrievers that prove difficult getting into our bath at home! We now have a groomer on hand to banish dirt, knots and clumps from your pooches’ coats, so that doggy greetings do not go unwelcomed! You will also be saved the hassle of washing and detangling your pup’s coat yourself. Our dog wash is easily accessible to walkers in hot spots including Plymbridge Woods, Dartmoor, Saltram Park and various other areas fringing the city.

As well as washing and grooming your four legged friends, we also supply all the pet supplies you might need, from pet food and accessories, through to health, hygiene and grooming products. Get in touch today if you would like any additional information.

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